17 Mar 2015

Today, I fed two homeless, hungry people. The surprise, shock, and pure appreciation was palpable from both of them. That alone was enough to really make my day. What happened afterwards, though, was pure icing on the cake.

As I walked towards my office, still several blocks away and in the middle of a construction zone, a HUGE dragonfly decided he wasn’t in the least afraid of me, and flew right dead-center onto my chest, feet just an inch above the solar plexus. It must have measured three inches long, with a wingspan to match; big enough to give me pause. If you’ve ever seen an Amethystium Em-blem T-shirt, then you’ll know exactly where it landed. Primarily brown and copper in color, the wings were nicely irridescent, making for an interesting contrast. I wanted to grab a picture, but as my phone was in my pocket, it flew off before I could extract it.

I’ve worked in San Francisco for many years now, and not once have I ever seen a dragonfly inside the city that wasn’t part of some science exhibit. For one as big as this to just descend out from nowhere, weaving in between other people, and land directly on me as though that were its purpose all along was nothing short of delightful.

To that dragonfly, thank you. You’ve given me some much needed joy.